This is a poem I wrote for #vss365 on Twitter, it got 127 likes and 28 retweets, that’s massive for me! I hope you like it.

When I am dying,

Lay me in #grass,

If it’s warm it will soothe me,

If it’s cold, refresh me,

If it’s wet, cleanse me.

I want it to be

The last smell,

The last touch,

The earth beneath, beckoning,

The sky above, welcoming.

Don’t let me die on concrete,

I’ll never break it.


Greetings and Salutations

Last year I shared a blog with a good friend of mine, we took it in turns to write. It went well, so well that I feel it’s time to try this on my own.

I have recently moved to the coast, I am currently unemployed so what I have on my hands is a lot of time and a lot of tide, hence the name of my new blog.

I intend to blog at least once a week, probably on matters close to my heart or things that just really get me going, positively or negatively. I am also going to share with you some of my poetry, some micro-fiction that I write on Twitter and the odd short story (believe me, they are odd!) Lastly, I have an unpublished novel that I intend to post a chapter of a month, in an attempt to get me to edit it properly once and for all. So rather than a topical blog this is more of a ‘this is my writing’ blog.

I hope that old friends will enjoy reading some of my work and that I find some new friends through it too. I would like to interact with people so if you have any comments or ideas feel free to jump in. Friendly constructive criticism is always welcome.

That’s all for now, they won’t all be this brief, promise.